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Woocommerce Product Add and User Order

How to add custom data to Woocommerce order in Wordpress


In today's video about topic is Woocommerce product add and User order.

Now as our Woocommerce plugin is activated, we will go to 'Run the setup Wizard' option which will give us configured pages.

First step is to click on the 'let's go' button which appears when we start setup wizard. After that we will see Page Setup options.

In this the following pages will be created automatically :




My Account

After that we will continue further and then set up the store location. We will set up the store location to India and then currency to INR. After that we will click on continue button.

We will be asked for payment options now, so we will select cash on delivery option for now. Now our store is ready, so we will click on 'Allow' button now.

Now we will open our wordpress admin panel and see that from where we can add the products. We will see Products section in our dashboard, we will click on that to add our first product.

We will be asked to give product name and the content which we want to add. After that we will set our product data to simple product and keep it in virtual form.

After that we will set some general regular price for our product. Then after in inventory section we will add the amount of stock which we have for this product.

We do not need to enter anything in the sections of link products, attributes, and advanced.

Now on the right side of the screen, we will see product image option. We can set our product image by uploading it there.

In our menu section we will be able to see that some pages has been automatically added by woocommerce plugin such as Cart, My Account, Checkout etc... So now we will add those four pages which is created by woocommerce plugin to our primary menu.

So now when we will go to Cart page, we will see that the product according to it's quantity is setting the total price. It is very accurate.

After that we will open checkout page, in this we need to provide details of our location that where we want our product to be delivered. And then atlast place that order.

In our plugins section, all the order details will be viewed completely which will be entered by the user.

So in this way we can use woocommerce plugin for adding products.


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