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Theme Customization in Wordpress


In today's video we are going to see Theme Customization in Wordpress.

Suppose we want to change the logo or we want to change the font style or anything of our theme, this is known as Theme Customization.

So for that we will go to Appearance section from our dashboard and select 'Customize' option from it. As we open it, on the left side we will see different types of option which are usually about background-image, header image, colours, menus, widgets, and many more. And on the right side we will be shown the preview of our website.

We will first go to site identity option and there we can see logo option where we can upload the logo of our website. We can also see site Title and tagline of our website there. We can customise anything according to our requirement here. And whatever change we make on the left side, it's preview will be seen on the right side.

After making desired changes we can click on 'Save and Publish' button which will save all the changes and will publish the changes to our website.

Other options available in customisation is of colours. From here we can change background colour according to our need. We can also set page background colour of our choice by adjusting the CSS available. We can choose any colour for our page background such as white or black.

Other option in colours is of link colour which is the colour of the links used in our website. By default it is blue, but we can also customise it as we want from here.

We can also manage the main text colour and secondary text colour from here, by default they are black and grey but we can change it if you want.

After that other option which is available in customisation is header image. Header image is the image which will appear below menu and logo section of our website.

If we do not want to have background colour and want background image for our website, then also we have option available for it. We can add it from background image option.

We can also change our menu from here by customising it according to our need. We can only customise in the menu which is activated in 'Manage locations'.

So this is how in Wordpress it is very easy to change header image, colour, background colour, and to add image in background with out any coding required.


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