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Introduction to Wordpress

What is Wordpress in Hindi ?


Our today's topic is Introduction to Wordpress. We will also see why we need to use Wordpress and how we should use Wordpress in this tutorial.

Wordpress is an open source CMS (Content Management System) as we all know and is a website and Blogging tool powered by PHP and MySQL.

With features of Wordpress you can easily create a beautiful and functional blog or Dynamic website.

Now you would be wondering that what is CMS. So CMS is content management system and is used to connect User and Admin directly. It is used for creating dynamic website.

There are two types of website available, one is Static website and another is Dynamic website. Now further we will understand the difference between both of them.

If we want to update anything in static website then we need to go to its coding part and code the page name and it's content manually to add. But in dynamic website we do not need any coding, we can directly add our page name and content.

So therefore if we want to manage the content directly than we have to make Dynamic website for that.

In CMS admin can upload any content, gallery, pages, and many more functionality. Admin can also modify, update, and handle everything via admin panel in CMS.

There are many CMS in PHP like Wordpress, Joomla, Opencart, and Magento.

With Wordpress, development clients get unique, customised, completely hand coded, original, cross browser compatible, reliable for website and blogs.

Another benefit or feature of Wordpress is that it is a freeware software, this means you are free to download, install, use, and modify it.

It is also open source which means the source code of the software is available for anyone to study, modify, and play with. We do not require any license to use it.

There are currently 2600+ wordpress themes and 31000+ plugins available for free. You can download, install, and use on any website according to your choice.

We can use any of the free wordpress themes to create our website and use it with out any coding work.

Wordpress also has very wide range of career opportunities available because it has really helped us by decreasing the amount of work and stress which we use to have while creating any particular website.

In Wordpress thousands of plugins are available so you can use them in your site. By using wordpress plugins, our work become very easy and we do not need any kind of designing or coding for that.

Wordpress is free and easy to use. If you know how to send an e-mail, use MS word, or set up a Facebook account, than you can easily use Wordpress.


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