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Footer edit in Wordpress Theme


In today's video we are going to see that how we can edit Footer in Wordpress theme.

So for that we will go to our directory which is stored in drive C. And then open the folder of our activated theme and inside that we will have a PHP file for our footer.

We will make some edits in this footer php file. Suppose we want to add one line stating 'Website developed by TWT', than we will add it to that PHP file and save it.

Now as soon as we run our website we will see that on footer our edited line is being added.

Whatever change we want in our footer we can make it to that PHP file and save it. We can provide CSS to our added line also and can change it's colour.

We can even make edits to our website's header, footer, or body part directly from dashboard if we do not want to go to directory and edit there.

And any change in footer will be reflected on every page because footer remains same and gets called every time in PHP.


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