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Contact Form Plugins Introduction

Contact form Plugins in Wordpress


In today's video our topic is Contact form Plugins Introduction.

For that we will first create one new page and name it as 'Contact Us' where we will add our contact form. We will simply publish that page now.

After that we will add that page to our menu and save it. Therefore that page will appear on our primary menu.

Now we will download contact us plugins for wordpress from google. We will get one zip file downloaded which we will upload as our plugin.

So now we will go to 'Plugins' option from our dashboard and add new plugin which we downloaded just now. We will be asked to upload the zip file, so we'll do that.

After our plugin gets installed we will be ask to activate that plugin or return back to plugin installer.

Now we will go to plugins section and activate the contact form plugin which we just installed. As soon as we activate their plugin, we will be able to view it's short code.

We will just simply copy that short code, and paste it to the Contact us page which we created at first.

As soon as we publish that page we will be able to see that the contact form is accurately displayed on our live website. If we make any mistake in pasting that code, or the code gets mistyped, the contact form will not work.

So this is how with the help of contact form plugin we can easily add Form to our page.


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