How do you set up categories in WordPress?

How do I add a submenu in WordPress?

How do I edit categories in WordPress?

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Add Categories in Wordpress


In today's video we are going to learn that how we can add Category in Wordpress.

So for that we will first go to our dashboard and then to Posts section, and after that to it's Category section where we can add new category.

We will first add a category named as 'php'. After that we will add another categories naming it as 'asp.net' and 'java'.

Now to categorise any post into particular category, we will open that post's edit section and than select any one category from the three. This will get that post into the selected category section.

So similarly we will add categories to different post and update them.

Now if we click on any one category we will be able to see all the posts which are included in that particular category appearing all together in front of our screen.

We can also give multiple categories to one single post, which means that, that post will display in all of the categories we selected.

So this is how we can categorise posts in Wordpress in very easy manner.

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