Some analysis, such as the one found in Chomsky and Halle's The Sound Pattern of English, define English as having four levels of stress: primary, secondary, tertiary, and quaternary, but the treatments frequently disagree.

The rhythm or "beat" of English is determined by sentence stress. You recall that word stress refers to the emphasis placed on a single syllable within a word. Sentence stress refers to the emphasis placed on specific words inside a sentence. There are two fundamental sorts of words in most sentences: content words and prepositional words.

  • content word is underlined.
  • structure words are unstressed.
  • There is always the same amount of time between stressed words.

In English, sentence stress refers to how a speaker emphasises key words in a sentence. It assists the listener in focusing on key points and comprehending the speaker's meaning. For instance, the doctor will see you right away. Some words will stand out more than others, with one being the most noticeable.

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