Webinar on Python


26 Reviews


26 Reviews


Free Webinar on Python Led by Expert Faculty.

This Free Webinar on Python will be taught by an expert trainer with years of experience of Practising Python in the Industry. If you want to learn hands-on about Python you wont find a better Free Webinar.

This webinar will be organized on Tuesday 25th August 2020 at 5.00 PM. If you feel your friends would benefit from it please invite them to attend this free Webinar

1 Introduction to Python and the benefit of Python.
2 Core Python –
- Control Statement
- Looping Statement
- Function
- IO
3 Exception handling and input-output.
- Try
- Catch, throw, finally
4 GUI programming with tkinter.
- Desktop Application development
- Frame
5 Web Application Development with Django.
6 MySQL Database connection with Python
7 Demo Application with Django Framework

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