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C# Tutorial in Hindi

Microsoft’s programming language C# enables the developers to build robust and secure applications. The object-oriented language is widely used for developing web applications, desktop applications, enterprise systems and embedded systems.

The course has been designed to help you learn the fundamentals like data types, variables, constants, operators, etc. and moving forward we will walk you through the advanced topics like generics, exception handling, file handling, array, hash table, stack class, queue, events, and delegates. The concepts have been explained along with practical examples to make it easier to understand and learn the course.

Why learn C# course?

The type-safe object-oriented language supports several features like garbage collections, type-safety, simplified type declarations, versioning, scalability support that enables developers to develop applications faster and in an easy manner. It is being widely used for developing Smartphone apps as well. It has been considered as the third most popular object-oriented language according to a 2015 survey by Stack Overflow Developer. So if you are looking forward to making up a career as C# developers or what to add on to your programming language base then do take this course.


Who can take this course

Tech-savvy newbies who want to make their career in .NET development or have a passion to learn different programming languages can take this course. Developers who want to enhance their proficiency in programming languages would find this course beneficial.


Basic knowledge of C and C++ If you are new to C and C++ we recommend you to first take our C Programming and C++ Programming courses

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22 rating
Anjali sharma
missing some topics. Try a topic with more examples.
venkat makkena
good course
Suhas S G
Umar Khalid
nice course of c#
Kenneth Solomon
taught in a simple but very effective manner
Sir awesome Course
Sangid Duha
Very bad
Santosh Naidu
Can you please help me how we can see these videos in English
Muhammad Shourov
If I could I put 5 billions of stars. All basics are discussed clearly.
Saad Rehman
amaing to learn
Hamza Mughal
excellent course
I'm already a WPF Developer but this tutorial is refreshed my knowledge... Thanks LearnVern
Akh?è? Nåsïm
If wanna learn programming then this website is best for you. Make patince and focus in your study.
Mango Tree
looking for something like this from a long time
Vic Monster
thanks foe teaching
Pritesh Ranjan
i learnt csahrp from learnvern ,it is a best site for learner and proffesionals
Ayushi Tomar
Nice initiative of learnvern to let others learn for free
abdul samad khan
This is the best course i found on internet which is free Excellent work, keep working! kindly add some more javascript framework courses. Thank you
Jaganath Rao
Very Good
Khan Khan
very easy to understand
Mitava shah
Best course ever i found in world. Basic concepts of Class and Objects cleared and will able to get job easily. Superp Initiative. Hats off.
shethwala Jabir
very good programing teaching in c# lunguage.
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