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Adobe’s vector graphics software Illustrator CC has been a boon for graphic designers with the additional new features added.

LearnVern’s Illustrator CC guide for beginner’s, covers all the designing and drawing tools, anchors, paths, swatches, symbols, gradients, patterns, tips and techniques for managing vector shapes.

Quick start with graphic designing fundamentals and as you progress get acquainted with how to create brochures, logos, icons and many more. Every tool has been explained with appropriate examples and a repetitive practice is going to be advantageous for you, to get a hold on the use of the software.

Why learn Illustrator course?

When we talk about creativity it has always been considered to be more challenging than ever before. There has been an upsurge in the demand for creative professionals and several companies are ready to pay lucrative salaries to get the best designers in. According to a recent research, it has been projected that there is going to be a good increase in the salaries of creative and marketing professionals in the coming years. It is not necessary that only if you want to pursue a career in graphic designing you need to learn Illustrator CC, even if you have a passion for designing, then do take this course to explore your creative capabilities.


Who can take this course

If you want to dive into the creative world of graphic designing, or make a career in graphic designing then you will find the course highly advantageous. Anyone who would like to design logos draw illustrations, maps, cartoons, charts or icons on his own would also find learning Illustrator with LearnVern fun. Designers who already are acquainted with other tools and want to gain knowledge in Illustrator can take this course.


Familiarity with Computers and passion to design.

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22 rating
Ayub Ali
Best way to learn Graphic desigine course
Best opportunities
haughty mystic
Hi my name is shekhar and i am huge fan of learnvern app i used this app since 2 years. i complete lots of course and still study. but one problem always happend when i take the quiz. learn vern quick system is broken totally.
explanation was good but the main thing is that the course should be in detail and focus on logo making was not included please cover allt he topics in detail
Lipika Saini
illustrator course is nice but do increase level a liitle bit
insane parry
Amazing it is as I have never seen any of the sites that provide free lessons with so much details for any particular course.
Sidhant soni
the course is really nice and easy to understand.
Vipin Vishwakarma
Its excellent for our future
Oishik Dasgupta
kitni simple hain yeh.
Nariman Ghanem
5 Stars
Aniket Shrivastava
This course covered everything a beginner needs to know. A very remarkable work by the creators of this course. The explanation is precise and easily understandable.Thanks a lot.
Md Hasan Al Rashid
Was nice
Navin fakirpure
good app
this is very very good course
its outstanding to learn anything and anytime.
Bhagabat Sahoo
Designed and explained beautifully. I really impressed by simple explanation with example. Hearty thanks to instructor and their efforts for teaching technology in an easiest way.
Suryansh Singh
covered basics well
You guys doing amazing work, nice course, this will definitely enhance and a plus to your skills.
Rajdeep Rathod
problems in Sam videos plzz cheak garet videos
Deep Joshi
Fantastic Platform in Digital Era....Great Job Learn Vern
Niral Modi
Learnt a Lot - Very Easy
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