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Photoshop Tutorials in Hindi

The full Photoshop Tutorial at LearnVern includes everything you will need to learn Photoshop and become a Pro all for Free. Adobe Photoshop is an incredible image editing software used by Web designers, Graphic Designers, artists, professional, and photographers. We have covered all the basic tools used in our Photoshop course like Layers, Masks, Blending, Blurring, brush tool, lasso tool, quick selection tool, magic wand, eyedropper tool, clone stamp tool and other photo editing topics like layering, masking, and image processing all shown practically. You will Learn Photoshop in Hindi and As always all the tutorials at LearnVern are 100% free so Learn for Free and Enjoy.

Photoshop Online Video Tutorials Watch and Learn At Your Own Pace in Hindi for Free

The step-by-step instructions included in the assignments help you understand the techniques needed for editing images.

Why take the Photoshop course?

Photoshop has been used for designing websites, photo editing, creating realistic design models and so on. Planning for a career in designing field then start with the fundamentals through this course.

Photoshop is not only for professionals and anyone can learn photoshop who wants to start exploring the creative world of designing, making own projects, restoring old photos, enriching one’s artistic skills, designing own business cards or posters, manipulating photos, creating 3D objects and enhancing images.

Start making the extra cash honing your Photoshop skills with LearnVern’s Photoshop course.

Who can take this course

Anyone who wants to Learn to Image Editing and Photo Editing in Hindi can undergo this Free Photoshop Course


Basic computer knowledge

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30 rating
Vani Kotian
Dipti tayal
Very useful. Must go through tutorial. Loved it
Ashu Singh
Common Man
Best learning website
Sachin kumar
I l,like the tutor, explain in very simple language.
parmar sagar
its very easy tolearn
Saanchi Motiank
Its very informative for me
Goyank Goyal
Sultan Khan
Akash Maurya
Very very useful for vedio and good Gide
Sayan Mayur
Karanvirr Kumar
I have gone through all the course and find it useful for the beginners.
Nice course
Dinesh Lama
most detailed tutorial i've ever seen/found on internet for free.
Kartik Mulasavalagi
Thanks Learnvern i really thank you for uploading and providing us free tutorials, now i know all about photoshop and i come to know about more features and effect we can use
its easy to understand ps with help of video tutorials
yasir javed
Huma Tariq
Excelent job very good way of teaching
Rashid Ayaz
Best Ever...
kevelramani pankaj m.
nice app
Bhagabat Sahoo
Liked very much. Thanks for the efforts.
Bak bak Production
Suryansh Singh
nicely planned course
upasna upadhayay
nice explaination
Explanation is awesome
kaushil gajjar
This is very helpfull course.method of explaining examples,tools and everything was very simple and easy to understand.Looking forward to doing more courses on learnvern.
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