About The Course

WordPress is based on PHP and MySQL and can be installed on a Web Server. It is absolutely free and the most popular Open Source CMS. WordPress is a community software developed by a large group of volunteers.

Users undergoing this tutorial will learn about Installations, inbuilt library, plugins and themes of WordPress along with advanced knowledge and practical’s involved in customizing the same. Companies with intensive blogging functionality prefer WordPress for its convenience, easy upgrades and cost effectiveness. Applications developed in WordPress are also Search Engine Optimization ready.

Why learn this course?

WordPress is not just about creating blogging sites; over the years it has evolved into a versatile Content Management System. WordPress is easy to use and flexible to create any application. Using a CMS a number of websites can be supported at the same time and it also supports multiple users from anywhere in the world. WordPress offers high level security and the admin has control of the application.

Who can learn this course?

Any user who is passionate about building applications can start with WordPress. WordPress is very popular CMS for small businesses.


  • PHP Language
  • My-SQL
  • Basics of Designing

Course Curriculum

Getting started with Wordpress
Introduction to WordPress FREE 00:07:33
Features of WordPress FREE 00:02:27
WordPress.org and wordpress.com FREE 00:06:23
Introduction Quiz Unlimited
Wordpress Installation
Software Requirement 00:05:17
Xampp Installation 00:03:15
WordPress Installation 00:10:40
Installation Quiz Unlimited
Assignments-1 of Software Requirements 00:00:14
Assignment-1 Solution 00:01:25
Post Management
Admin and user Panel 00:09:52
Visual and Text use in wordpress 00:06:47
Links add in post 00:03:10
Read more Tag 00:02:11
Toolbar Toggle 00:07:05
Post Publish 00:03:14
Post Comment 03:34:00
Post Delete and Trash 00:02:33
Add Video and Audio in Posts 00:05:06
WordPress Video Embed in Post 00:02:05
Post Schedule 00:05:01
Adding Categories 00:05:02
Assignment-2 of Category Post 00:00:13
Assignment-2 Solution 00:02:56
Category Quiz Unlimited
Feature Image in WordPress 00:01:27
Gallery in WordPress 00:05:28
Password Protected Content 00:03:58
Revision Post 00:03:22
Post Management Quiz Unlimited
Page Management
Page Adding 00:03:56
Menu Show in Pages 00:06:52
Menu and Submenu 00:08:35
WordPress Gallary Set a Homepage 00:02:41
Page Management Quiz Unlimited
Assignment-3 of Dynamic Pages 00:00:12
Assignment-3 Solution 00:02:35
Media Management
Media Introduction 00:02:27
Media Management 00:00:00
Image With Content 00:03:07
Delete Media 00:01:34
Media Management Quiz Unlimited
Appearance Management
What is Theme 00:01:31
Theme Customize 00:07:02
Theme Folder Introduction of WordPress 00:05:40
Theme Live Preview and Activate Theme 00:02:18
Theme Uploading and Activate 00:07:51
How to Delete the Theme 00:01:41
Footer Edit in WordPress Theme 00:03:50
Assignment-4 of Themes 00:00:09
Assignment-4 Solution 00:02:55
Widget in WordPress 00:05:30
Menu Add in Widgets 00:02:21
Menu Management Quiz Unlimited
Assignment-5 of Widgets 00:00:10
Assignment-5 Solution 00:01:20
Plugin Management
Plugins Introduction 00:02:24
Contact Form Plugins Introduction 00:05:08
Contact Form Mail Setting 00:02:07
Fast Secure Form 00:05:38
Fast Secure Form Editing 00:09:15
Plugin Configure in Widget 00:06:12
Two Contact Form in One Plugins 00:03:28
Plugins Quiz Unlimited
Assignment-6 of Plugins 00:00:15
Assignment-6 Solution 00:02:52
Slider 00:07:31
Slider in Php Pages 00:08:16
Huge-IT Slider 00:08:44
Slider Editing 00:04:24
User Management
User Management 00:03:59
User management Quiz Unlimited
Wordpress Photo blogs and Galleries
Create Zooming Gallary 00:04:20
Content Management System
Content Management 00:08:35
Content Management System 00:06:06
Read more Tag add in Content 00:03:24
HTML and CSS Form 00:09:28
Template Create With HTML and CSS 00:13:09
Template integrate 00:13:13
Multiple Div in HTML and CSS 00:05:27
HTML and CSS Quiz Unlimited
Woocommerce For WordPress Installation 00:01:45
Woocommerce Product Add and User Order 00:12:30
Category in Woocommerce 00:03:51
Coupon Code 00:04:04
Wordpress Final Quizes
WordPress Final Quizes Unlimited

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  1. Profile photo of Piyush Sharma

    Easy To Understand

    Easy To Understand

  2. Profile photo of kaushil gajjar

    Keep it up LearnVern...

    Very easy to understand and useful to create own website. Explanation and visual makes it more effective and interesting. Keep learning guys with LearnVern.

  3. Profile photo of Sharvari Mehta

    Easy to understand and covers all major topics.

  4. Profile photo of sanjaykachiya



  5. Profile photo of Rajshree Rajput

    Could be More Better

    I have researched for wordpress tutorial and visited few of the resources where I found the best solution.

  6. Profile photo of jignesh3094@gmail.com

    Nice Tutorial For Beginners

    Nice Tutorial For Beginners

  7. Profile photo of Habeebu rahman

    good tutorial

    its a good one for beginners.. really looking forward to your English tutorials

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