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Microsoft’s programming language C# enables the developers to build robust and secure applications. The object-oriented language is widely used for developing web applications, desktop applications, enterprise systems and embedded systems.

The course have been designed to help you learn the fundamentals like data types, variables, constants, operators, etc. and moving forward we will walk you through the advance topics like generics, exception handling, file handling, array, hash table, stack class, queue, events and delegates. The concepts have been explained along with practical examples to make it easier to understand and learn the course.

Why learn this course?

The type-safe object oriented language supports several features like garbage collections, type-safety, simplified type declarations, versioning, scalability support that enables developers to develop applications faster and in an easy manner. It is being widely used for developing Smart phone apps as well.

It has been considered as the third most popular object oriented language according to a 2015 survey by Stack Overflow Developer. So if you are looking forward to make up a career as C# developers or what to add on to your programming language base then do take this course.

Who can take this course?

Tech savvy newbies who want to make their career in .NET development or have a passion to learn different programming languages can take this course. Developers who want to enhance their proficiency in programming languages would find this course beneficial.


Basic knowledge of C and C++

If you are new to C and C++ we recommend you to first take our C Programming and C++ Programming courses



Course Curriculum

Learning C#
Introduction to C# 00:08:14
C# Environment 00:08:18
Installing Visual Studio
Installing Visual Studio 00:16:14
C# structure program
C# Program Structure 00:09:31
Compiling and execution of C# program in Commandline 00:02:07
Working with C# elements
Data Types in C# 00:05:27
Type Conversion in C# 00:05:23
Variables in C# 00:09:10
Constants and Literals in C# 00:08:22
Keywords and Identifiers in C# 00:06:16
Operators in C# 00:12:58
Boxing and Unboxing in C# 00:03:46
String Manipulators 00:10:06
Working with C# elements Quiz Unlimited
Conditional Statements
Conditional Statements in C# 00:07:45
If else…If else in C# 00:07:56
Switch Statement in C# 00:08:04
Looping Statements
Looping Statement and For Statement 00:08:06
While and Do While loop in C# 00:10:32
Foreach statement and Loop Control in C# 00:06:41
Arrays in C# 00:07:18
Multidimensional Arrays in C# 00:03:27
Structures and Enum
Structures and Enum in C# 00:07:22
Structures and Enum Quiz Unlimited
Classes and Objects
Class and Object in C# 00:07:04
Member Functions, Constructors and Destruction in C# 00:05:43
Object Oriented Programming in C#
Inheritance in C# 00:08:34
Polymorphism in C# 00:08:54
Interfaces in C# 00:04:30
Object Oriented Programming in C# Quiz Unlimited
File I/O
File I/O in C# 00:13:13
Advance File IO in C# 00:15:42
Binary Files in C# 00:15:07
File I\O in C# Quiz Unlimited
Exception handling
Exception Handling in C# 00:08:30
Exception Handling Example in C# 00:11:28
Exception Handling Quiz Unlimited
Advance C# Features
Attributes in C# 00:07:40
Attributes- Obsolete in C# 00:08:05
Reflections in C# 00:05:19
Properties in C# 00:08:40
Indexes in C# 00:11:14
Delegates in C# 00:08:29
Events in C# 00:07:09
Collections in C# 00:04:03
Array List in C# 00:11:43
Hash Table in C# 00:13:31
Sorted List in C# 00:07:11
Stack Class in C# 00:04:27
Stack Class example in C# 00:10:34
Queue Class in C# 00:09:56
Bitarray in C# 00:04:01
BitArray example in C# 00:11:52
Generics in C# 00:12:04
Anonymous methods 00:07:29
Multithreading in C# 00:09:08
Advanced C# Quiz Unlimited

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  1. Profile photo of shethwala Jabir

    Shethwala jabir

    very good programing teaching in c# lunguage.

  2. Profile photo of mitava69

    Mitava Shah

    Best course ever i found in world. Basic concepts of Class and Objects cleared and will able to get job easily. Superp Initiative. Hats off.

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