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About the Tutorial

Data Science, one of the fastest-growing field has been in high demand as organizations are looking for making optimal use of their data. Beginning with Data Science is a comprehensive course where you would be learning the fundamentals of Data Science, like data measurement, charts and graphs, measures of central tendency and shapes.

As we move ahead we would also have a deep insight into Hypothesis Testing, Anova, basics of R Programming, Clustering, Regression Analysis, Correlation and Data mining. To simplify learning we have structured the course with appropriate examples and recommend you to practice the examples on your own. The Data Science course includes the theory and practicals of SAS, R Programming, Python.

Why learn this course?

Data Scientist is considered to be the sexiest job of 21st century. According to a recent search, a Data Scientist, IT, earns Rs. 6 Lakhs per year. Companies like Google, Amazon, Facebook, Baidu have been making huge investments in data processing resulting in higher demands for the skillsets in Data Science.

If you want to make your career in Data Analytics or if you want to make the best out of your data leveraging your business to the next level, then you should take this course.

Who can learn this course?

You are a developer and seeking a move to Data Science, or a Business Analyst looking for a shift into Data Analytics, then you would find this course highly beneficial. The course would definitely be useful for professionals from Mathematics, Statistics, or Economics background and interested for learning Business Analytics.

Grab the ticket to get on boarded in top IT Giants like eBay, Amazon, Microsoft, PayPal, Apple etc, whose search for talented Data Science Experts is on constant rise.


Fundamentals of computers

Knowledge of basic statistics, excel and Mathematics would be highly beneficial

Course Curriculum

Introduction to Data Science
Understanding of Data Science FREE 00:07:33
Data Measurement
Introduction to Data Measurement in Data Science FREE 00:10:06
Types of Variables in Data Science FREE 00:02:26
Levels of Data Measurement in Data Science 00:10:25
Data Measurement Quiz Unlimited
Charts and Graphs
Charts and Graphs in Data Science 00:04:02
Frequency Distribution in Data Science 00:05:46
Bar Graphs and Pie Charts in Data Science 00:09:01
Summarizing Quantitative Data in Data Science 00:07:25
Cummulative Distribution in Data science 00:08:04
Histogram and Scatter Plot in Data Science 00:07:42
Cross Tabulation in Data Science 00:06:13
Charts and Graphs Quiz Unlimited
Measures of Central Tendency and Variability
Measures of Central Tendency and Variability in Data Science 00:06:51
Mean and Percentiles in Data Science 00:05:32
Quartiles in Data Science 00:02:38
Measures of Variability in Data Science 00:04:56
Variance and Standard Deviation in Data Science 00:07:30
Application of Standard Deviation in Data Science 00:05:40
Z-score and Co-efficient of Variation in Data Science 00:05:23
Measures of Central Tendency Quiz Unlimited
Measures of Central Tendency for Grouped Data in Data Science 00:03:59
Standard Deviation and Variance for Grouped Data in Data Science 00:11:21
Measures of Shapes
Skewness in Data Science 00:05:25
Kurtosis in Data Science 00:03:48
Box and Whisker Plots in Data Science 00:03:45
Measures of Shapes Quiz Unlimited
Hypothesis Testing
Hypothesis Testing in Data Science 00:06:33
Statistical Hypothesis in Data Science 00:00:00
Errors in Statistical Hypothesis in Data Science 00:05:45
Statistical Inference for Single Population in Data Science 00:07:11
Testing Example in Data Science 00:05:27
Statistical Inference with Two Population in Data Science 00:08:33
Basics of R Programming
R Programming in Data Science 00:05:05
Data Types in R in Data Science 00:03:51
Understanding R Console and R Studio in Data Science 00:07:14
Analysis of Variance
Analysis of Variance and Annova in Data Science 00:03:55
Assumption and Variation in One-Way ANOVA in Data Science 00:07:50
Two way ANOVA in Data Science 00:07:48
Summary of ANOVA in Data Science 00:03:11
ANOVA Quiz Unlimited
ANOVA example in Data Science 00:10:50
One way ANOVA Example in Data Science 00:04:07
Two way ANOVA Example in Data Science 00:09:24
Introduction to Datamining
Understanding Datamining in Data Science 00:07:33
Regression Analysis and Correlation
Introduction to Simple Linear Regression and Correlation in Data Science 00:07:28
Least Square and Residual Analysis in Data Science 00:07:15
Test assumption of Regression Model in Data Science 00:07:03
Hypothesis and Co-Efficient of Determination in Data Science 00:04:09
Regression Example – Creating Model in Data Science 00:12:01
Residual Analaysis of Model example in Data Science 00:09:07
Residual Analysis of Model Part2 in Data Science 00:08:10
Residual Analysis of Model Part 3 in Data Science 00:06:38
Regression Quiz Unlimited
Understanding Clustering in Data Science 00:05:58
Hierarchical Clustering in Data Science 00:08:33
Example of Hierarchial Clustering in Data Science 00:13:39
K Means Clustering in Data Science 00:08:06
Example of K Means Clustering in Data Science 00:09:41
Clustering Quiz Unlimited
Theoretical Concepts of Dashboard 05:41:00
Creating Pivots and Preparing Charts 00:05:36
Slicers in Dashboard 00:03:27
Preparing Final Dashboard 00:08:20
Presenting Dashboard 00:03:02

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  1. Profile photo of Pramod Kumar Mallick


    Really helpful.

  2. Profile photo of Biswajit Samal

    Very Good

    Nice to have such great clarification on data science.
    I will recommend for all.

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