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The object oriented programming language, Java has been widely used for development of server side application and other web and enterprise applications. LearnVern introduces Core Java programming course through which you can learn java programming from scratch and start building your own java applications.
The concepts have been explained in detail with examples making it easier and faster to enable you to learn the highly robust programming language.

Why learn Java?

Java gains its popularity because of it’s major feature that it can be executed through a cross-platform compatible Java Virtual Machine (JVM). Java developers have always been in high demand and are one of the most highly paid professionals in the IT industry.

The major Fortune 500 companies have been using Java to develop desktop and website backend systems. It has a rich API and embraces powerful debugging capabilities. Owing to its popularity if you want to kick-start your career in Java development then embrace your programming skills with LearnVern’s Core Java course.

Who can take this course?

Students who want to make their career in Java programming or android programming or developers who want to make a shift to Java would find this course highly beneficial.


Basic computer Knowledge
Good analytical skills

Course Curriculum

Getting started with Java
Overview of Java 00:06:51
Internal Architecture of JVM 00:12:25
Environment Setup in Java 00:03:27
Basics of Core Java Quiz Unlimited
Java Basic Elements
Data Types in Java 00:04:19
Core Java Data Types Quiz Unlimited
Identifiers in Java 00:09:16
Array in Java 00:10:21
Core Java Arrays Quiz Unlimited
Operators in Java 00:04:58
Core Java Operators Quiz Unlimited
Relational Operators in Java 00:05:45
Bitwise Operators in Java 00:07:04
Logical Operators in Java 00:04:01
Assignment Operators in Java 00:05:00
Flow Control and Conditional Statements in Java 00:09:36
Looping Statements in Java 00:08:35
Java Assignmnet Switch Case 00:00:33
Java Assignment – While and do-While Loop 00:00:25
Java Assignment – Operators,Variables and if Else 00:00:45
Java Aaaignmet – If Statement 00:00:20
Java Assignment – Ladder if else 00:00:19
Introduction to OOP in Java 00:04:50
Classes and Objects in Java 00:17:37
Core Java Classes And Methods Quiz Unlimited
Object Oriented Programming Principles 00:42:29
Abstract Class and Interface in Java 00:26:45
Nested Classes in Java 00:04:54
Keywords in Java 00:08:42
This and Super Keyword in Java 00:10:58
Super Keyword at Constructor Level in Java 00:09:20
Object Wrapper Class in Java 00:08:56
StringBuffer and StringBuilder Classes in Java 00:14:12
Core Java Strings Quiz Unlimited
Static and Dynamic Binding in Java 00:05:14
Java Assignment – Class and Object 00:00:43
Java Assignmnet – Nested for loop 00:00:20
Java Assignment – For Loop 00:00:26
Java Assignment – Abstract and Derived Class 00:43:00
Java Assignment – Method Overloading 00:26:00
Exception Handling in Java
Exception Handling in Java 00:10:15
Core Java Exception Handling Quiz Unlimited
Multi Catch Block in Java 00:05:29
Nested Try and Throw Keyword in Java 00:08:23
File input and output in Java
File Input Output in Java 00:20:43
Fileinput Stream and Console Class in Java 00:08:12
Core Java – File I/O Quiz Unlimited
Multithreading in Java 00:02:39
Life Cycle of Thread in Java 00:14:41
Core Java Multithreading Quiz Unlimited
Java Assignment – Multilevel Inheritance 00:01:18
Collection Frameworks and Generics
Collections in Java 00:10:12
List Interface and Map Interface in Java 00:09:14
Entry Interface and Hash Map Class in Java 00:04:40
Core Java Package And Interface Quiz Unlimited
Comparator and Comparable 00:13:07
Java Assignmnet – Interface 00:00:50
Serialization and Deserialization
Serialization and Deserialization in Java 00:14:49
Swing in Java 00:15:49
Swing Features 00:02:18
Database Programming with JDBC
Understanding JDBC in Java 00:10:27
Core Java JDBC Quiz Unlimited

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  1. Profile photo of Niral


    This was the easiest Java Tutorial I have ever taken. In a short time I learn a lot about Java

  2. Profile photo of varun sharma

    easy to understand.looking forward for more course

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