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CodeIgniter is an open-source software rapid development web framework, for use in building dynamic web sites with PHP.

In this course we will walk you through important concepts like MVC, Database Access, Classes, and Sessions. The course comprises of clear and competent content which will help develop websites using PHP.

Do take the quiz included in the course curriculum as it would help you track the knowledge learnt. We would also recommend that you do try out the examples on your own as it would help in better understanding of every topic being explained.


Why learn CodeIgniter?

CodeIgniter runs on PHP. It is light weight and fast compared to other frameworks. It uses MVC Framework. Rich set of libraries for common tasks, simple interface and logical structure to access libraries makes it very easy to use. It minimizes the amount of code needed for a given task and lets you focus on your project.


Who can learn this course?

If you want to become a professional website developer in PHP then you would definitely find this course beneficial.



Knowledge of Core PHP, Advance PHP and HTML

Course Curriculum

Getting started with CI
Introduction to MVC 00:04:47
Knowing Frameworks 00:03:03
Understanding Codeigniter 00:03:46
Installation of CodeIgnitor 00:07:25
Fundamentals of Codeigniter
Model, View and Controller in CI 00:10:31
Libraries, Routing and Helper 00:08:19
Simple Calculator Example
Simple Calculator Example 00:06:58
Database access in CI
Database Access in Codeigniter 00:06:42
Database Access in Codeigniter Example 00:11:19
Codeigniter Class
Classes Thory in CI 00:01:34
Classes Pratical in CI 00:13:42
Session in CI
Session in CI 00:06:26
Login System in CI 00:12:36
Cart functionality in CI
Cart Functionality in CI theory 00:03:02
Cart Functionality in CI practical 00:12:12

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    Super - Couldnt have been Easier

    Codeigniter at its easiest

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