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C is one of the oldest and most widespread foundational language that have been used to develop both system and application software. The structured programming language have been developer’s choice owing to its efficiency and control.

This comprehensive course have been designed assuming that the viewers do not have any programming experience. Starting from the basics of C we move ahead towards the advanced topics and the whole curriculum have been broken down into most simple topics for easy reference.

These videos have been designed and structured in such a manner that every beginner can understand the concepts and give a wonderful experience learning C with us. If you are not confident of any chapter, kindly go through the video multiple times and do execute programs again and again before you proceed to the next chapter.
The quiz and the assignments would help you to understand better the chapters viewed.

Why Learn C?

C is considered as one of the most preferred language for writing operating systems and have been the inspiration for most popular high-level languages. Several high level languages have adopted principles and concepts from C, so if you have a quest to learn other high level languages, learning C would be highly beneficial.
Owing to its speed and limited memory occupancy it is used to develop several OS and device drivers. Hence if you want to make you career in embedded software or have a quest for developing desktop applications then learning C is definitely going to be the right choice.

Who can take this course?

Any student who doesn’t have any programming background can take this course.

A simple and easy to learn programming language – learning C with us is going to be fun.
We have many languages you can learn with us from our course library, and we would recommend you to learn C first before you take other language courses like Java, python etc as this would help you learn them in easier way.

Prerequisite for the Course?

Audience who want to take this course just need to have passion for programming languages!!

Course Curriculum

Introduction to C and History
Introduction to C and History 00:06:12
Introduction to C programing Quiz Unlimited
Structure of C Programming
Structure of C Programming 00:06:16
Structure of C programing Quiz Unlimited
Keyword & Identifier in C
Keywords and Identifiers 00:02:45
Keywords and Identifers C programing Quiz Unlimited
Variables & Constant in C
Variable and Constant in C 00:05:03
Variable in and Constant In C Programming Quiz Unlimited
Data Types in C
Data Types in C 00:06:21
Data types C Programming Quiz Unlimited
Storage Class in C
Storage Class in C 00:07:06
Declaration of Storage Classes of C Programming Quiz Unlimited
Defining Symbolic Constants in C
Defining Symbolic Constants in C 00:01:50
Volatile Variables in C
Volatile Variable in C 00:01:19
Operators in C
Operators in C 00:08:23
Logical and Special Operators in C 00:11:35
Operators of C Programming Quiz Unlimited
Type Conversion in C
Type Conversion in C 00:05:57
Branching Statement in C
Branching Statements in C 00:08:40
Nested if Statement in C 00:08:08
C Assignment – if else 00:00:00
C Assignment Ladder if else 00:00:00
Switch Statement in C 00:05:22
C Assignment – Switch Case 00:00:00
C Assignment – goto Statement 00:00:00
Decision Making – Branching of C Programming Quiz Unlimited
Looping Statements in C
Looping – While Loop in C 00:06:48
C Assignment – While Loop 00:00:00
Do while and For Loop in C 00:06:47
C Assignment – For Loop 00:00:00
C Assignment – Nested For Loop 00:00:00
Decision Making – Looping of C Programming Quiz Unlimited
Jumping Statements in C
Jumping Statement in C 00:07:39
C Assignment – Continue Statement 00:00:00
Jumping statements of C Programming Quiz Unlimited
Array in C
Array in C 00:06:30
Types of Array in C 00:06:00
C Assignment – One Dimensional Array 00:00:00
C Assignment – Two Dimensional Array 00:00:00
Array of C Programming Quiz Unlimited
String in C
String in C 00:08:24
String Operations in C 00:13:38
C Assignment – String operations 00:00:00
String in C Programming Quiz Unlimited
String Operation of C Programming Quiz Unlimited
Functions in C
Functions in C 00:12:17
Functions of C Programming Quiz Unlimited
Recursive Functions in C 00:04:17
Structure & Union in C
Structure in C 00:07:34
Structure to a Function and Union in C 00:06:26
C Assignment – Structure 00:00:00
Structure and Union of C Programming Quiz Unlimited
Pointers in C
Pointers in C 00:07:42
Pointers and Functions in C 00:06:30
C Assignment Pointer 00:00:00
C Assignment 2 – Pointer 00:00:00
Pointers of C Programming Quiz Unlimited
Dynamic Memory Allocation in C
Dynamic Memory Allocation in C 00:08:06
Dynamic Memory Allocations of C Programming Quiz Unlimited
File Management in C
File Management in C Part – 1 00:08:45
File Management in C Part – 2 00:10:53
File Handling of C Programming Quiz Unlimited
Preprocessor in C
Preprocessor in C 00:05:14
Pre Processor of C Programming Quiz Unlimited
Command Line Argument
Command Line Argument 00:05:01
Command line argument of C Programming Quiz Unlimited

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    Improve my knowledge

    Teaching style is really very good. i can easily understand whatever i want to teach.

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    C Programming

    Superb videos

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    Superb teaching with really good content

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    C programming learnvern

    Good concept but less practical examples

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