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MS Excel is an incredible spreadsheet software developed by Microsoft. It is used by almost everyone today. Excel is used to store, analyse and manipulate valuable information. Dive into LearnVern’s Excel course and explore all the features and functionalities of the software.

As you progress from the fundamentals to the advanced features, you would get excelled with the use of this implausible software. You would be learning how to navigate around Excel, creating formulas, functions, charts and graphs, vlookup, pivot table, data management and alot more.

Why learn this course?

Learning MS Excel with LearnVern is going to be fun and as you upgrade your skills with this Microsoft product. You would find it easier to manage loads of work more efficiently and thus increasing your productivity.

The spreadsheet application enables you to prepare reports and presentations successfully and saving considerable time and efforts. The daunting software provides several features like sorting, adding formulas, and more that enables you to analyse data which could be crucial for decision making. You would definitely find yourself standing out from the rest after having upgraded your excel skills with this course. You can also impress your Boss colleague by using this powerful tool.

Who can learn do this course?

Anyone can learn Excel and make use of its features to ease your daily work, be it professional or personal.


Familiarity with Fundamentals of Computers


Course Curriculum

Getting started
Menu System in MS Excel 00:04:57
Quick Access Toolbar 00:06:21
Formula Bar in MS Excel 00:02:05
Status Bar in MS Excel 00:05:23
Navigation in MS Excel 00:03:04
Shortcuts in MS Excel 00:04:15
Format Painter in MS Excel 00:02:29
Excel Getting Started Quiz Unlimited
Data Entry
Data Entry in MS Excel 00:05:09
Autofill in MS Excel 00:05:42
Data Entry for Date-Time in MS Excel 00:05:46
Undo-Redo in MS Excel 00:05:32
Comments in MS Excel 00:04:01
Saving File in MS Excel 00:04:27
Excel Data Entry Quiz Unlimited
Creating Formulas
Creating Formula in MS Excel 00:07:45
Copy Formula in MS Excel 00:03:35
Till Date Formula in MS Excel 00:03:36
Pct Calculation in MS Excel 00:05:20
Absolute in MS Excel 00:06:10
Sum Average in MS Excel 00:06:05
Other Common Functions In MS Excel 00:07:52
Excel Creating Formulas Quiz Unlimited
Formatting Fonts in MS Excel 00:03:49
Adjusting Rows & Columns in MS Excel 00:04:02
Alignment in MS Excel 00:07:10
Formatting Borders in MS Excel 00:02:55
Formatting Numbers in MS Excel 00:07:23
Formatting Date-Time in MS Excel 00:10:47
Conditional Formating in MS Excel 00:10:38
Formatting Tables in MS Excel 00:08:43
Formatting Shapes in MS Excel 00:07:05
Excel Formating Quiz Unlimited
Adjusting Layout
Resizing Row & Column in MS Excel 00:07:18
Hide-Unhide Row and Column in MS Excel 00:05:29
Copy, Move, Insert Data in MS Excel 00:05:37
Find Replace in MS Excel 00:06:35
Excel Adjusting Layout Quiz Unlimited
Printing in MS Excel 00:06:35
Page Break Preview in MS Excel 00:05:20
Page Setup in MS Excel 00:04:58
Excel Print Quiz Unlimited
Creating Charts in MS Excel 00:07:13
Types of Chart in MS Excel 00:05:40
Formatting Charts in MS Excel 00:06:36
Chart Elements in MS Excel 00:07:44
Sparklines in MS Excel 00:08:01
Excel Charts Quiz Unlimited
Adjusting Workbook
Freezing Workbook in MS Excel 00:07:28
Splitting Sheets in MS Excel 00:06:39
Outline in MS Excel 00:07:03
Excel Adjusting Workbook Quiz Unlimited
Multiple work books
Manage Multiple Workbook in MS Excel 00:06:48
Working with Sheets in MS Excel 00:04:42
Copy & Delete Sheets in MS Excel 00:06:36
Use of Formula in Worksheet 00:00:00
Edit Links in MS Excel 00:10:43
Excel Multiple work books Quiz Unlimited
If condition VLOOKUP
If Condition in MS Excel 00:06:26
VLOOKUP in MS Excel 00:06:02
VLOOKUP Exact in MS Excel 00:04:10
COUNTIF in MS Excel 00:04:25
Excel If condition VLOOKUP Quiz Unlimited
Protecting sheets
Protecting Sheets in MS Excel 00:04:55
Securing Workbook in MS Excel 00:05:45
Password to Workbook in MS Excel 00:02:21
Sharing Workbook in MS Excel 00:03:10
Track Changes in MS Excel 00:05:33
Excel Protecting sheets Quiz Unlimited
Data Management
Sorting in MS Excel 00:06:38
Subtotals in MS Excel 00:07:26
Filter in MS Excel 00:05:32
Split Data in MS Excel 00:04:21
Flash Fill in MS Excel 00:03:41
Remove Duplicate in MS Excel 00:02:33
Data Validation in MS Excel 00:06:50
Excel Data Management Quiz Unlimited
Pivot Table
Creating Pivot Table in MS Excel 00:11:11
Manipulating Pivot Table in MS Excel 00:08:29
Adding Slicers in MS Excel 00:04:36
Other Grouping of Pivot Table in MS Excel 00:04:40
Excel Pivot Table Quiz Unlimited
Macro in MS Excel 00:07:29
Excel Macros Quiz Unlimited
Excel Assignment Q-1 00:01:11
Excel Assignment Q-2 00:00:21
Excel Assignment Q-3 00:00:34
Excel Assignment Q-4 00:00:51
Excel Assignment Q-5 00:00:48
Excel Assignment Q-6 00:00:37
Excel Assignment Q-7 00:00:47
Excel Assignment Q-8 00:00:45
Excel Assignment Q-9 00:00:37
Excel Assignment Q-10 00:00:33

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  1. Profile photo of Dilip

    Fast and easy to learn

    Explanation is very good.. all topic explain with very good example… every chapter have quiz its good

  2. Profile photo of

    MS Excel for Beginners

    Wohh awesome videos thanx alot LearnVern…..Now i can add my Calculations………

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