About the Tutorial

Learning Android is going to be fun with LearnVern as you take the journey with us starting from the fundamentals to topics that help you build simple android applications. The practical driven course gives you an insight to every detail of how to build the user interface, widgets, notifications and even localization.

Why learn Android?

The mobile OS created by Google, Android is billion’s choice today owing to its simplicity as it comes installed on a variety of Smartphone and tablets. It has more than 1.4 billion users today as it supports several features which keep upgrading frequently like the automatic backup of contacts, syncing information, providing several apps and games in the play store.

Demand for skilled Android developers has been on the rise since its inception. Learn android development with LearnVern and build your own mobile applications.

Who can learn this course?

Students and developers who are inquisitive to build their own android applications can learn this course. If you are a web developer who wants to move into mobile development or aspiring to become a mobile developer then the course is going to be highly beneficial for you.


  • Understanding of core java concepts
  • Passion for Coding and mobile development
  • We recommend you to take our core java course before you learn android development with us.

Course Curriculum

Introduction to Android
Introduction to Mobile Applications 00:06:27
Android and its History 00:02:21
Pre-Requisites and Basic Overview of Java 00:05:31
Android and XML 04:19:00
Android Architecture and Environment Setup
Android Architecture 00:08:57
System Requirement and Development Tools 00:04:03
Installation and Set up 00:02:19
Android SDK Installation 00:03:29
Creating First Android Application
Creating Android Application 00:01:44
First application 00:04:10
First Application Example Overview 00:08:51
Android Components
Android Components and Activities 00:05:31
Android Activity Lifecycle 00:04:00
Android Components – Services 00:06:16
Android Components – Broadcast Receivers 00:07:34
Android Components – Content Providers 00:02:25
Android Components – Quiz Unlimited
Building UI with activities
Building UI with Activities and View 00:02:21
Layout and View Hierarchy 00:09:39
Widgets, Intents and Fragments 00:09:56
Android Activty Data Passing Example 00:06:34
Building UI in Android – Quiz Unlimited
Android Assignment – Design Activity and View 00:00:00
Styles and Themes
Styles in Android 00:06:53
Styles Android Example 00:14:31
Advanced UI
Adapters and Selection Components 00:06:14
Adapterviews, Actionbar and Toolbar 00:03:59
ListView Example 00:07:27
GridView Example 00:13:14
Spinner Example 00:09:49
Android Actionbar Example 00:08:22
Android Toolbar Example 00:08:05
Android Notifications 00:08:19
Custom Notification Example 00:10:46
Statusbar Notification Example 00:17:00
Alertbox Example 00:09:26
Snackbar Example 00:11:46
Android Resources
Android Resources 00:09:18
Localization 00:04:08
Localization Example 00:04:08
Multithreading 00:02:07
Async Task 00:04:44
Async example 00:04:44
Handler Class 00:00:00
Handler Example 00:06:32
Multithreading in Android – Quiz Unlimited
Intent and Broadcast receivers
Intent filter and broadcast receivers 00:08:28
Android Intent and Broadcast Receivers – Quiz Unlimited
Broadcast receiver example 00:11:26
System Broadcast 00:08:05
Data Storage
Data Storage 00:10:30
Shared Preference Example 00:15:27
Internal Storage Example 00:04:57
External Storage Example 00:15:25
Addressbook Example 00:25:46
Android Data Storage Quiz Unlimited
Content Providers
Android Components – Content Providers 00:02:25
Android Content Providers – Example 00:05:00
Android Assignment – Creative Native Application 00:00:00

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  1. Profile photo of Dilip

    Very good learn

    Learn android programming step by step in this course video…all topic have video and its very good

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    Android Tutorials for Beginners

    I got my Andriod Basics successfully thank you so much……LearnVern

  3. Profile photo of Niral

    Android Tutorial is really Nice

    I highly recommend everyone to try and use this content once. You will really appreciate the way its explained

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    feeling happy to learn this

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    very good

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