About the course

ASP.Net is one of the most popular open source Web Application Framework designed for Application Development. It was launched by Microsoft as a replacement to Active Server Pages and is used across the world to develop Large and Small Web Applications and Sites.

During the duration of the ASP.Net course, you will learn the basic concepts like Directives, Event Handling, Server Controls, and concepts like Database Access, ADO.Net, Ajax Control etc.

Every section has been explained with an example however, Learning gets best retained when practiced, so do ensure that you practice the examples illustrated during the course. We have included a quiz for major sections as it would enable you to trace how much you have learned and which section you need to revisit.

Why learn ASP.Net?

Some of the key features of ASP.Net like Built-in Windows authentication, reduced line of code to develop large applications. It is an independent of language so you can choose any language to make an application.

Who can learn do this course?

Anyone who wants to learn how to build dynamic websites and web services can take this course. Even if you are just starting to learn web development you would find this course very useful.


Knowledge of HTML and C/C++.

Course Curriculum

Introduction 00:15:03
Environment Setup
Installation 00:03:32
Visual studio IDE Part_1 00:10:57
Visual studio IDE Part_2 00:14:38
Life cycle
Life Cycle 00:18:31
Directives 00:12:03
Event Handling
Event Handling 00:12:18
Event Handling Example 00:11:29
Server side
Server Side 00:09:47
Request Object 00:06:58
Server Side Example 00:08:09
Server Controls
Server Controls 00:06:59
Server Controls Example 00:03:39
HTML controls
HTML Control Theory 00:03:08
HTML Control example 00:03:11
First Example
Code section and page layout 00:06:27
Managing State
Cookies theory example 00:16:47
Hidden field theory example 00:07:37
View state theory example 00:09:03
ServerSide StateManagement 00:07:21
ASP.Net,Validator 00:06:21
Validator Example 00:05:48
Database access Program
Database Example 00:03:49
ADO.Net 00:12:00
ADO.NET Example 00:04:49
File uploading
ASP.Net file uploading 00:03:11
File uplod Example 00:03:24
Calander 00:11:00
Calander Example 00:09:22
Multiview 00:03:21
Multiview Example 00:04:05
Panel controls
Panel control 00:03:38
Panal Control Example 00:08:50
Ajax controls
AjaxControls Theory 00:08:27
Ajax Example 00:12:29
Timer Example 00:03:09
Data binding
Data binding 00:05:28
Custom controls
User Controls 00:08:17
Custom Controls 00:07:57
Difference Between User and Custom Controls 00:03:09

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  1. Profile photo of Snehal

    Awsome for studing asp.net

    but some topics are meassing please add all the topics

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