About the course

The widely used Javascript framework, AngularJS have been built and maintained by Google. LearnVern’s AngularJs course have been designed to meet the growing skill requirements of the IT industry.

Starting with the primary parts of AngularJs like modules, mvc, expressions, scope, etc, we would gradually be covering advanced topics like services, events, dependency injection, templates, routing, data binding, custom directives, filters and forms and controls.

Every section have been explained with an example however, Learning gets best retained when practised, so do ensure that you practice the examples illustrated during the course. We have included quiz for major sections as it would enable you to trace how much you have learnt and which section you need to revisit.

Why learn this course?

AngularJS is supported by several vital features like two way data binding, dependency injection and so on, and this makes it easier to create interactive web applications. The powerful JavaScript framework is in high demand in the industry and IT giants like IBM, Google and many more, are looking forward for hiring talented developers highly skilled in AngularJs.

There has been considerable increase in the salary package of web developers with AngularJs skills. So learn the fully featured framework with LearnVern’s AngularJs course and add on to your skills.

Who can learn do this course?

Anyone who wants to learn how to build data-driven applications using MVC pattern can take this course. Even if you are just starting to learn web development you would find this course highly useful.

Back end developers who want to learn front end programming or front end developers who want to learn AngularJS can also take this course.


Basic understanding of Javascript and any text editor

Knowledge of HTML CSS





Course Curriculum

Introduction to AngularJS
Introduction to AngularJs 00:10:50
Angular Js Example 00:05:14
AngularJS Fundamentals Quiz Unlimited
AngularJS Fundamentals
Modules in AngularJS 00:05:52
AngularJs Scope 00:08:11
$scope and $rootscope in AngularJS 00:09:39
Built in Directives in AngularJS 00:08:05
Directives-ngrepeat in AngularJS 00:13:03
Directives – nghide in AngularJS 00:04:37
Directives – ngshow in AngularJS 00:06:16
Expressions in AngularJS 00:06:41
Angular JS Filters 00:09:31
Filters – Numberby , Orderby and Filters in AngularJS 00:07:30
Limito and Json Filters in AngularJS 00:06:25
Data Binding
One Way Data Binding in AngularJS 00:04:59
Two Data Binding in AngularJS 00:04:42
Custom Directives and Filters
Scopes in Custom Directives in AngularJS 00:09:30
Inherit and Isolate Scope in AngularJS 00:06:10
Custom Directives in AngularJS 00:03:23
Custom Directive Example in AngularJS 00:09:50
Custom Filters in AngularJS 00:07:21
Custom Filter Example in AngularJS 00:05:33
Angularjs Bootstrap Process 00:05:24
Manual Bootstrap in AngularJS 00:08:13
AngularJS Bootstrap Process Quiz Unlimited
Event Handling
Event Handling in AngularJS 00:11:11
Scopes and Controllers
Scopes and Controllers in AngularJS 00:08:07
$digest cycle in AngularJS 00:10:23
$Digest in AngularJS 00:09:11
$apply in AngularJS 00:07:05
Templates and Routing
Templates and Routing in AngularJS 00:07:45
Templates and Routing Example in AngularJS 00:10:57
Dependency Injection
Dependency Injection in AngularJS 00:07:39
AngularJs Services 00:06:58
Value Custom Service in AngularJS 00:07:40
Constant Service in AngularJS 00:04:39
Factory Services in AngularJS 00:10:22
Service in AngularJS 00:05:51
In built Services in AngularJS 00:08:12
$http Service in AngularJS 00:07:56
$http Service Example in AngularJS 00:05:23
$interval Services in AngularJS 06:09:00
$log services in AngularJS 00:05:12
$location final in AngularJS 00:06:55
Angular Forms
AngularJs Form and Validation 00:06:49
AngularJs Form Validation Example 00:08:14
Validation Directives in AngularJS 00:10:30
Validation Directive Example in AngularJS 00:04:26
Validation CSS in AgularJS 00:07:27
Web Storage
Web Storage in AngularJS 00:04:58
Session Storage and Local Storage in AngularJS 00:11:15

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  1. Profile photo of Niral

    Mind Bloggingly Easy -

    Guys awesome job – I learnt Angular Js in 2 days

  2. Profile photo of Naval Dabral

    Easy and knowledgeable Stuff

    Way of teaching tutorial is very nice thanks for videos

  3. Profile photo of Amit Agarwal


    very nice.

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