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The Angular tutorial for beginners takes you step by step into building an Angular app from scratch and develops you into a Angular pro. This course includes everything you require to learn Angular from set up, Live project examples and cloud deployment. Unlike other online courses you will find everything explained with perfect real life examples. Thing AngularJS course includes important topics like Scope and Data Binding, Directives, Controller, Events, Routing, Services, Filters, Validation and a lot more taught with practical real life examples and Industrial training.

Try this Free Angular Video Tutorials as you have nothing to lose and the best learning to be gained. So Enroll today and join millions of Learners on LearnVern who are learning for free.


Who can take this course

Developers who want to enrich their technical skills with advance Angular or students who want to upgrade their fundamental of Angular knowledge, they can take this course. If you want to become a professional front developer or want to create your own applications then; you would definitely find this course beneficial. If you are not having hands-on experience of Angular, then do complete our AngularJS before you take this course.


Basic understanding of Javascript and any text editor with Knowledge of HTML CSS.

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Selva Perumal
Best For developers who had to start up their career
Niral Modi
This AngularJS 2 course is awesome.
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