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The goal of a course summary is to provide a quick and easy way for someone to understand the central points of a complex piece of work. Summarizing a course can help learners to have a better understanding of the concepts that they are studying. In addition, summarizing it will prevent them from having to re-read the material or just spend time reviewing it. A course summary can be used as an article or blog post about the course and should be structured in order to make it easy for people who haven't studied the course before.

A course description is the first thing would-be students will see when browsing through a course catalogue. It is the first opportunity for you to properly introduce yourself as an instructor and your course to prospective students. It must be concise yet detailed enough to convince a student who is still deciding on which course to take. It should also be interesting and engaging enough for a student who has already decided on their favorite subject. There are a number of different formats that you can use, but here are some of the most common: - A bulleted list of reasons why you're offering the course - A list of related courses with brief descriptions - A quick blurb about what will be covered in the class or what skill sets will be developed

Course content is traditionally thought of as coursework, which is written by students and then passed to teachers for grading. The new trend in college classes is digital course content. Digital course content allows professors to interact with students in a more seamless and interactive way. Courses can also be shared on social media and distributed through other channels such as e-learning platforms. Some examples of digital course content would be: -An MOOC, or online university class offered through a platform such as Coursera or EdX; -Courses offered on sites like Udemy; -A blog where the professor shares resources and lessons from the classroom; -A webinar that encourages discussion between students and professor;

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