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One of the best word processing tool, Microsoft Word have been used extensively for drafting and customizing documents. LearnVern’s Word essentials comprises of features and all the functionalities of Microsoft Word 2016.

Get introduced to the process of document creation, saving, editing and viewing documents and as you walk through the course you learn more important concepts like adding footnotes, enhancing the documents with additional features like inserting and modifying pictures, charts and graph. You would also be learning tips and techniques that is going to be vital for project creation.

Why learn this course?

If you are new to Microsoft Word enhance your skills of documentation for your professional growth and if you are already using Microsoft Word, we are sure you would be learning new functionalities that would help you to increase your speed of using Word and create professional documents.

Advance your skills using powerful formatting features including tables, text and images. With Microsoft Word 2016 more advanced features, you can enhance your documents with tables, pictures and drawings, and improve productivity with tools such as mail-merge and automatic headers and footers.


Who can learn this course?

Every individual should take the advantage of learning Word as it becomes a key tool for document creation and processing.


  • Computer Fundamentals
  • Knowledge of Internet

Course Curriculum

Getting Started
Home Screen in MS Word 00:02:28
Opening Files in MS Word 00:02:02
Editing PDF in MS Word 00:02:50
Word Getting Started Quiz-new 00:05:00
Editing Text
Adding Text to File in MS Word 00:04:33
Selecting Text Using Mouse in MS Word 00:04:03
Cut Copy Paste in MS Word 00:06:01
Find Replace in MS Word 00:06:31
Undo Redo in MS Word 00:04:58
Word Editing Text Quiz Unlimited
Formatting Text
Introduction to Fonts in MS Word 00:08:05
Changing Fonts Formatting in MS Word 00:09:25
Changing Case of Selected Text in MS Word 00:02:44
Special Effects to Text in MS Word 00:06:09
Word Formatting text Quiz Unlimited
Formatting Paragraphs
Paragraph Alignment in MS Word 00:02:46
Line Paragraph Spacing in MS Word 00:05:53
Keeping Text Together in MS Word 00:04:45
Applying Paragraph Shading and Border in MS Word 00:04:38
Indentation in MS Word 00:07:24
Word Formatting Paragraphs Quiz Unlimited
Formatting Pages
Page Margins in MS Word 00:07:42
Header and Footer in MS Word 00:07:06
Adding Section in MS Word 00:04:46
Page Color Border Watermark in MS Word 00:06:29
Word Formatting Pages Quiz Unlimited
Formatting with style and Theme
Applying Theme in MS Word 00:05:54
Changing Styles in MS Word 00:05:41
Navigation in MS Word 00:02:22
Creating bullets and Number list
Creating Bullets and Numbe in MS Word 00:04:33
Editing Bullets and Numbering in MS Word 00:02:11
Multilevel List in MS Word 00:02:18
Editing Bullet and Numbering in MS word 00:02:11
Word Creating Bullets and Number List Quiz Unlimited
Working with column and table
Dividing Text to Columns in MS Word 00:05:32
Creating New Table in MS Word 00:06:23
Converting Existing Data to Table in MS Word 00:03:51
Formatting Table in MS Word 00:06:09
Inserting Rows and column in MS Word 00:06:17
Merge Split Cells in MS Word 00:07:27
Sorting in MS Word 00:05:04
Converting Table to Text in MS Word 00:03:39
Inserting Excel Workbook in Word 00:05:41
Word Working with Column and Table Quiz Unlimited
Illustrating document
Inserting Image and Shapes in MS Word 00:06:59
Position Resize of Image in MS Word 00:04:29
Inserting Images to Table in MS Word 00:04:20
Wrap Text in MS Word 00:05:21
Picture Formating in MS Word 00:06:00
Adjusting Photos in Document in MS Word 00:09:37
Selecting Wordart in MS Word 00:05:28
Working with Chart in MS Word 00:09:44
Inserting SmartArt in MS Word 00:08:21
Working with Screenshot in MS Word 00:02:38
Word Illustrating Document Quiz Unlimited
Working with Macros
Creating Macro in MS Word 00:06:37
Editing Macro in MS Word 00:02:58
Word Working with Macros Quiz Unlimited
Proofing Word document
Spelling Errors in MS Word 00:07:18
Proofing Document in MS Word 00:03:44
Word Proofing Word document Quiz Unlimited
Sharing the document
Ready for Sharing in Word 00:04:59
Send as PDF in MS Word 00:02:36
Password Protected in MS Word 00:02:55

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  1. Profile photo of Dilip

    Learn something new

    i learn new function of MS Word …too much improvement in my knowledge and voice and video clarity is too good

  2. Profile photo of


    Yipppe without anyone help now i can create my personl docs…… Thanx LearnVern……

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