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Software Testing forms an integral part of Software development owing to the need of delivering a defect free software product. The complete Software Testing course focuses on the fundamentals of testing, types of testing, testing techniques, methods, STLC, development models and defect management.
Once you are through with the all the important Software Testing concepts, you can take a look at the project which gives you a complete overview of how to write test cases and prepare bug reports for any application being tested. After successful completion of the course you would be able to unleash your potentials in testing various web applications.

Why learn Software Testing?

Software Testing is an indispensable activity involved in the software development process. The requirement of qualified software testers have always been on rise as quality plays a crucial role in software development.
Go that extra mile by taking the software testing course with LearnVern.

Who can take this course?

Students who would like to make their career in QA or people who want to do testing of their own build applications.


Basic computer Knowledge
Strong logical and analytical skills
Excellent Communication Skills

Course Curriculum

Fundamentals of Testing
Introduction to Software Testing 00:04:42
Software Testing Myths 00:08:01
Software Testing Principles 00:07:16
Testing Principles Quiz Unlimited
Software Testing Terms 00:08:00
More Software Testing Terms 00:04:12
Software Testing Life cycle
STLC 00:05:11
Test case design development and cycle closure 00:05:56
STLC with example 00:06:51
Development Models
Software Development Model 00:03:40
Waterfall Model 00:04:11
Iterative Model 00:05:09
Agile Scrum Model 00:04:06
Development Model Testing Quiz Unlimited
Forms of Testing
Forms of Testing-Static Testing 00:04:07
Walkthrough 00:02:28
Code Review 00:05:07
Inspection 00:02:09
Dynamic Testing 00:04:42
Levels of Testing
Unit Testing 00:02:26
Incremental Integeration Testing 00:02:55
Integration Testing 00:02:41
Integration Testing Quiz Unlimited
System Testing 00:00:00
Alpha Testing 00:03:17
Beta Testing 00:03:26
Acceptance Testing 00:02:37
Testing Methods
Black Box Testing 00:02:50
White Box Testing 00:02:18
Types of Testing
Functional Testing 00:05:22
Equivalence Partitioning 00:03:32
Boundary Value Analysis 00:03:18
End-to-End testing 00:00:00
Sanity testing 00:02:40
Smoke Testing 00:01:53
Smoke and Sanity Testing Quiz Unlimited
Regression Testing 00:03:18
Usability Testing 00:04:34
Types of Testing - Non Functional Testing
Load Testing 00:03:48
Stress testing 00:03:18
Performance testing 00:03:13
Recovery testing 00:02:05
Compatibility testing 00:03:18
Security Testing 00:04:39
Defect Management
Defect Management 00:08:24
Project - Testing
Software Testing Project – HRMS 00:11:29
Software Testing Project – HRMS Test Cases 00:09:42
Software Testing Project – HRMS Report 00:06:43

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  1. Profile photo of Piyush Sharma

    Easy path to learn

    I was learn with LEARNVERN that was very easy to learn software testing.

  2. Profile photo of kaushil gajjar

    Software Testing

    The Course is very easy to understand.real life example,visuals make it more interesting and helpful.superb course Learnvern.

  3. Profile photo of

    Software Testing for Beginners

    Hey heyy i wanted to become a good QA in future, now i’m sure that now i can be a good QA, so thanx alot LearnVern….

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